Innovative Prefabrication.

The Hütt Panel Systems

Hütt Homes celebrate prefabrication and carbon zero construction.

To achieve Carbon Zero, we have developed two innovative prefab construction systems, both designed to international Passive House standards. Your Hütt home can be built with either of the following options.

Prefabrication and Performance go hand in hand.

Prefabrication …

The prefab engineered, state of the art, timber technologies offer exceptional quality from zero energy to stability and safety. Hütt structures are built in a controlled environment to an extreme accuracy and delivered to site with a quick construction time, in unparalleled quality.

… and Performance

Our homes are powered by the sun. Pure and fossil free. Hütt’s unique shell promises an exceptional performance designed to the International Passive House Standard, incl certification if you want to. High-Performance windows are state of the art, and ready to take on any weather. Safety and acoustic comfort become second nature.

Hütt CLT Panels

CLT – or Cross Laminated Timber – gives you a 100% solid timber structure. The highly engineered and super efficient mass timber is made from sustainable foresting and locks up carbon, to minimise your carbon footprint. Great acoustics, thermal mass, breathability, a natural wooden finish and even being able to mount paintings and shelves into the solid structure wherever you want, are some of the obvious benefits.

Our CLT panels are designed and detailed in complex 3D software by our team. This virtual model includes joining details and even shadow-lines or channels routed out for wires etc. The information is then checked by our engineers, and sent directly from the computer to the CNC : Prefab Precision guaranteed !

It allows for super quick installation on site and can even come pre-assembled with windows and airtight layer already included. What a great way to construct a Passive House,

The Hütt Flatpack

Particularly for our Series 3 and Series 4, we have developed the innovative Hütt Flatpack Panels, providing a simple and cost-effective solution to creating high performance homes. These panels are made from materials that are readily available, utilising long established construction methodologies and making airtight passive house structures simple and super-fast to achieve for everyone.

Our Hütt Flatpack is a thermal bridge free prefabricated panel system, with solid woodfibre insulation, services cavity, ventilation cavity, breathable, airtight and designed to be a Passive House, everything’s already built into the panel. Yet made so simple that most builders or maybe even yourself could install this easily – free training included, and no cranes required ! This modular way of putting a structure together requires very little customisation and is therefore super efficient.

Prefabrication happens in our factory with a mix of traditional methods and high-tech machinery. We are currently building up stock of our standard panel sizes in the warehouse, and will add customisation based on our design for you as required. The Flatpack panels can come pre-finished, with either timber cladding or colorbond, or you can add your own finish to the prefabricated substructure and battens over the external wall cavity. It’s a pretty nifty system ! That way, we can allow even more people to become proud owners of a Hütt certified structure. Find out more about this innovative invention by enquiring below.

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