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The 01 Series

Hütt homes celebrate quality of life.

Inspired by nature, passionate about innovation, in love with art. Find the perfect expression in your new home. Discover the highlights of a true Hütt lifestyle experience.

Cutting edge design

An innovative and luxurious home that allows you to experience luxury living in an Australian way. Designed by multi award-winning local firm Melbourne Design Studios, Hütt homes combine clever space design and are: understated, imaginative, astute, and pieces of art.

Experience Love

From the gourmet kitchen with integrated herb garden, to the wine cellar with it’s own entertainment space to ambience in the private suites with bar, meditation garden and experiential bathrooms it will be hard not to stay home.

Relaxation and wellness

Season independent thermal control offers perfect comfort all year around. The freshest and purest air is filtered from pollen, mould and any other nasties, providing maximum oxygen; fresh like an ocean breeze. Fuel for body and soul on every level.

Organic and natural material choices embrace you in an inspiring toxic free environment.

Art lover

Varies original art objects of well-known artists are interwoven into the architecture and interior of your truly unique home.

Unparalleled performance

Invest in quality that will last a lifetime. Inspired by Europe, refined and made in Australia.

Hütt’s unique shell promises an exceptional performance. No money is wasted on energy bills, leaving you to spend your money on things you love. Our homes are powered by the sun. Pure and fossil free.

Worries about gas and electricity supply are no longer yours. Enjoy full control with our integrated battery storage including car plug-in options for future oriented living.

Innovative technologies

The prefab engineered, state of the art, timber technologies offer exceptional quality from ZERO energy to stability and safety.

State of the art windows are ready to take on any weather. Special sealing details make them super high performing. Safety and acoustic comfort become second nature.

Exceptional Noise Control shuts out the busy street noise, the rain pouring on your roof and the possum having their night dance on your roof top…. Relax and enjoy your own space.


Smart technology is your very own security guard. Never tired, it controls your house 24/7 and you can watch with your smart phone. Video monitoring, door accessibility, alarm, security sensors are just some of the integrated features of the Hütt house smart BMS system.

Quality and Innovative Hardware of Hütt’s windows and doors make it nearly impossible to gain forceful access. Too smart, too good. The prefab engineered timber structure has substantial fire resistance and, unlike steel, remains structurally stable when subjected to high temperatures.

Hütt’s structural elements have been tested for earthquake suitability and have passed the test. Even though earthquakes are not as common in Australia, other natural forces like cyclones are common.

Building with Hütt

Not only will you get the house of your dreams, but the building experience with us will be one to be enjoyed. Be inspired, excited, exhilarated and wait in anticipation while we create a home tailored for you.

Hütt structures are built in a controlled environment to an extreme accuracy and delivered to site with a quick construction time, in unparalleled quality.

Turn-key ready

Imaginatively furnished for you; the move will be one of the easiest you have ever made.

Feature List

  • 4 Car Garage with Turntable
  • Magnificent Entry with Waterfall
  • Formal living over looking pool and associated Zen Garden Laundry
  • Gourmet Kitchen with State-of the Art Appliances from VZUG with Butlers Pantry
  • Formal Zen Dining with Waterfall
  • Luxurious Family Area With Associated Alfresco sitting in the Resort Garden
  • Spa, Pool and Resort Garden
  • Home Theatre
  • Games Room
  • Wine Lounge
  • Private Gym
  • 5 Bedrooms with Ensuite including Grand Master Suite with Wine Bar, Sauna, deluxe walk-in Robe and Spa-like Ensuite
  • Library
  • Upstairs living with magnificent view overlooking the pool

Under development

The 01 Series – launching soon!

Register your interest in one of the first iconic Hütt homes. Release September 2021.

A blank canvas to create your own vision or imaginatively furnished for you; the move will be one of the easiest you have ever made.

Welcome to your Hütt home.

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The 02 Series

A trendsetter for progressively minded urban dwellers. Be inspired, excited, exhilarated and wait in anticipation, while we create a home tailored for you.

Stay tuned for more updates on this release.

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